Pazartesi, Nisan 22, 2024


We know that so many expat live in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. We’re sure that it’s very difficult to change all your habits, your lifestyle, the people around you, the health system. Unfortunately when you change your country, when you have been an expat in abroad, you are obligatory to change all the above.

Especially we know that your children are more important for you. We’re sure that you’ve some question about the vaccination in Turkey, which are mandatory which are not, which are important especially for Turkey or how can I breastfeed my baby, how must be “weaning baby and introducing solids”? etc. How can I find a pediatrician speaking in English in French or German and I can trust. You’ll find all the answers of these questions in our Expat categorie.

Anne Sütü ve Bebeğe Faydaları

Anne sütü enfeksiyonlara dayanıklılığı arttırır. Kulak iltihaplarını, mide rahatsızlıklarını önler, aynı zamanda gözün görme yeteneğini arttırır...