Vaccines – General Informations

Vaccines - General Informations
Vaccines - General Informations

Vaccines are biological products that protect your children against diseases and disabilities. For an  healty growth of  a  child  it  is  indispensable to  have  been  immunized. They may have some not serious side effects because of foreign subtances they contain . Today we encounter almost no secondary effect through the development of vaccine technology. In this catery we hope to answer all your questions about  vaccines.

For details of  every  vaccine you can visit our cathery Vaccine,  by using ogle translation

At which month and which vaccine   will have my child?

  • What are the side effects of vaccines?
  • How  can I help  my  child in  the  case  of  side  effects?
  • How to tranquilize the child before  and after vaccination?

Alleviate pain/fear of the child

It is almost impossible to  prevent your baby’s cry in the course of vaccination. This region can be more sensitive to touch. Fever may rise a bit, the child may feel tired. We  can advise the antipyretics for lowering the fever and sometimes the malaise. The paracetamol and ibuprofen are the most favorite molecules. You can use them  for  your child with a dosage and frequency advised  by  your physician. These  molecules  have  also  analgesic  effects. If  the  vaccinated  area is  very  red, hot, swollen and  sensitive,  you  can  apply  alcohol,  for a  few  minutes, 2-3 times per  day.

How to act  before and after vaccination

We must tell him what should happen and why? Because the children don’t like surprises.

  • Never tell him lies like  he  will  not have an injection.
  • The triple of doctor-vaccine-injection must never be a punishment fear-education method.
  • Before ing to doctor you  may  ensure your  child feels as ing to play with a friend.
  • Offer him  your compliments.
  • And if necessary,  award  him some  prises,  but  without  exageration.
  • For Turkish vaccine schedule clickalmanca takvim


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