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Ana Sayfa Yazarlar Yazar: Uzm. Dr. Anıl Yeşildal Pediatrician

Uzm. Dr. Anıl Yeşildal Pediatrician



Doctor YEŞİLDAL is working as a pediatrician in Istanbul / Beylikdüzü.

His philosophy is to treat the children without using antibiotics if  possible; he prefers natural methods and nutrition. He believes that the health of a child has to be followed since her/his mother’s pregnancy.

Dr. Anıl Yeşildal finished Saint Joseph French High School in 1989 and in 1995 he was graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine. He was the 16th in all the Turkish medical students in “Medical Speciality Exam” . He has completed his clinical training in Pediatrics in 2000. At that time he also worked for a short  period as observer at Necker  Children’s Hospital Allergy and Pulmonary Diseases department in Paris. Additionally Dr. YEŞİLDAL studied for one more year in Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine PRETAM (Prenatal Diagnosis and Research Center) on genetic diseases.

Between 2001 and 2022, he worked in various private hospitals in Istanbul and also in his own private office. During this period he managed the Division of Neonatology and Neonatal Intensive Care  Unit (NICU) of Şafak Hospital Istanbul. Since 2022, he has been working his private office again.Doctor YEŞİLDAL is stictly against passive smoking at home which can badly affect the children’s general health. Beside the pediatrics he is an Interantional Allen Carr Easy  Way Therapist; so he undertook the  smoking  cessation  therapy  of  thousands of parents. On this issue he has many publications and presenatitons in congresses.

Dr. Anıl YEŞİLDAL is married and he is the father of two daughters. He is an ameteur pianist since his 16th year of age. Ski, windsurf and  Latin  Dances  are  the sports  that he likes to do. Dr Yeşildal is very interested in foreign languages, so he can speak fluently French and  English, middle intermediate Italian, Spanish and lower intermediate German.

For appointment:

0507 020 70 77

Anıl Yeşildal – DoktorTakvimi.com


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Admitted Symposium and Congress

  • – National Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplant Congress, Istanbul
  • – 41th National Pediatrics Congress, Van
  • – National Pediatric Hematology Congress, Istanbul.
  • – 1998-1999 Postgraduate Education Program of Pediatrics  Department, Istanbul.
  • – 20 th Days of Pediatrics, Istanbul.
  • – 1999-2000 Postgraduate Education Program of Pediatrics  Department, Istanbul.
  • – Pediatric Neurology Days, Istanbul.
  • – School Health Congress (Essop), Istanbul.
  • – Learning to Learn Conference, Istanbul.
  • – 22 th Days of Pediatrics, Istanbul.
  • – Prenatal diagnosis and medical genetics National Congress, Izmir.
  • – National Children’s Respiratory Diseases Congress, Istanbul.
  • – 47 th National Pediatric Conference, Istanbul
  • – 26 th Days of Pediatrics, Istanbul
  • – 1st Winter Congress of Pediatrics Uludag, Uludag
  • – 27 th days of Pediatrics, Istanbul
  • – 2 nd Winter Congress of Pediatrics Uludag, Uludag
  • – 29 th Days of Pediatrics, Istanbul
  • – 2 nd National Vaccine Symposium, Ankara
  • – 3 th Winter Congress of Pediatrics Uludag, Uludag
  • – Acibadem Harvard Medical Days “Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Children and
  • Otorhinolaryngology Disease “
  • – “To Consult Experts in pediatrics ” Istanbul. 1-2 times per year
  • – 4. Winter Congress of Pediatrics Uludag, Uludag
  • – 30 days of Pediatrics, Istanbul WOW Convention Center
  • – 8th International Rotavirus Symposium, Istanbul
  • – HPV Vaccine Symposium (cervical cancer vaccine), Cyprus
  • – 54 National Pediatrics Congress, Mardan Palace Hotel, Antalya
  • – 2 nd National Social Pediatrics Congress
  • – World Hypertension Congress, Istanbul Congress Center